The Deco Group LLC.

What is the Deco Group?

The Deco Group, LLC is a Moreno Valley, California-based company specializing for over 8 yrs. in the purchase of financial company real-estate owned (REO) properties with the intention of marketing to investors and / or for our own investment purpose to rehabilitate and resell them within a short period of time. The company obtains suitable properties at below-market value from a bank or lending institution that holds a delinquent mortgage or that had previously held the home mortgage and now owns the property through foreclosure. Properties are obtained via banks, wholesale investors, private owners, SBA, FDIC, HUD, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, General Services Administration, and the Internal Revenue Service. The Deco Group, LLC acquires distressed properties and performs needed repairs or cosmetic enhancements to bring the property back to resale condition, and then markets it through regular real estate channels for resale at the current Fair Market Value.

The Deco Group, LLC concentrates its efforts in the area of Los Angeles, California, to obtain suitable homes throughout the State as they become available. California was seriously affected by the housing bubble and sub-prime mortgage real estate crisis. As such, the State contains a significant inventory of bank-owned properties for purchase and sale. The Company will seek to purchase single family homes of all sizes and small multi-unit dwellings in both urban and suburban settings, and market to the investors seeking these special deals.